Council passes surplus property, soccer net donations and ice rink

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Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Declaring the Police Department Truck as Surplus Property. Strasser
reported that this item was discussed at the Public Safety Committee. He further noted that a new vehicle has been
purchased for use by the Chief and the Public Works/Parks department does not have a use for the truck. Mayor Groves
Lloyd reported that she and the City Administrator met with the Chief and encouraged him to eliminate either the truck or
the interceptor from his fleet. MOTION (Stevenson, Strasser) to declare the truck as surplus and to send to auction. Roll
call vote – Aye (Tonn, Stevenson, Hansen, Ripp, Strasser); Nay (0). Motion carried.
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Resolution Accepting Donation of Soccer Nets for Sunset Park. MOTION (Ripp, Strasser) to approve Resolution 23-
45 Accepting Donation of Soccer Nets for Sunset Park. Ripp reported that this park is green space near the high school
and middle school. He further noted that the per the City donation policy, the nets become City property and future
maintenance/replacement decisions are determined by the City. Roll call vote – Aye (Ripp, Strasser, Stevenson, Hansen,
Tonn); Nay (0). Motion carried.

Resolution Authorizing Purchase of Portable Ice Rink. MOTION (Strasser, Ripp) to approve Resolution 23-46
Authorizing Purchase of Portable Ice Rink. Roll call vote – Aye (Strasser, Tonn, Hansen, Ripp, Stevenson); Nay (0).
Motion carried.