Common council approves adopting ordinance for Park Suspensions and Appeals

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Portage - Common council approves adopting ordinance for Park Suspensions and Appeals.

The City Council establishes a park suspension and appeal policy. This policy shall prohibit certain behavior within city parks and establish a procedure for suspending individuals who violate the policy from city parks. Prior offenses will remain in effect for one calendar year. Any person subject to a suspension under the policy established shall have the opportunity to appeal the suspension to the Chief of Police. The decision of the Chief of Police shall be final.
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Prohibited Behavior
For the purpose of this Park Suspension and Appeal Policy, prohibited behavior shall include, but
not limited to, all of the following listed below;
  • Acts of fighting, threats, unwanted physical contact, verbal abuse.
  • Behavior that unreasonably interferes, disrupts, or prevents the intended use and
    enjoyment of the park for park users and staff.
  • Interfering with use and free passage of others including programming reservations,
    activities, or noise from personal electronic equipment that interferes with parks services
    and activities.
  • Engaging in threatening, harassing, or abuse of companion, domestic, wildlife, or captive
    animals on any park property.
  • Engaging in explicit sexual activities or conduct.
  • Any city ordinance or state law violations.

1. Violation of Park Rules
2. City Ordinance Violations
3. Misdemeanor Crime violations defined in § 939.60
4. Felony Crime Violations in § 939.60
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Chief Keith Klafke stated "I guess you probably are all aware that we've had issues at our parks in the past and um they continue we put cameras that are 24/7 in our parks to address some of the things to be able to investigate deter crime. It's not a new issue that we've had we have done suspensions in the past but a lot of times it's been inconsistent. It's been the officer at the time you know whatever the incident may involve you're out for the night you're out for a week. We never really had a consistent process across the board".